Industry Coverage

for cannabis growers:

cannabis marijuana growers insurance farming growing marijuana cultivation insurance

Insurance crafted for cannabis cultivation.

Cryptosure offers a number of different coverages for companies engaged in the business of marijuana cultivation, from outdoor farmers to commercial indoor grow operations.

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for cannabis manufacturers:

marijuana insurance marijuana laboratory manufacturer dispensary physician

Insurance crafted for marijuana manufacturing.

Cryptosure provides marijuana insurance for everything from Cannabis Product Manufacturers to Cannabis Commercial Kitchens, Edible Producers, Extraction Laboratories, and Concentrate Manufacturers.

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insurance for cannabis distributors:

cannabis delivery distribution armored trucking insurance

insurance crafted for marijuana wholesalers, distributors, and delivery companies.

Cryptosure provides cannabis insurance for everything from your warehouse, to your delivery vehicles, your drivers, and all points in between.

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for cannabis retailers:

marijuana insurance cannabis dispensary retail insurance

insurance crafted for cannabis dispensaries.

Cryptosure's marijuana insurance offerings include a number of different coverages for medical marijuana dispensaries as well as recreational marijuana dispensaries

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marijuana insurance
for physicians:

insurance for doctors prescribing medical cannabis prescription

insurance crafted for medical marijuana prescribing physicians.

Cryptosure's marijuana insurance provides medical malpractice insurance for physicians prescribing medical marijuana to their patients.

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insurance for commercial real estate:

insurance for cannabis real estate owners

insurance crafted for commercial real estate owners.

We provide comprehensive insurance to landlord that lease their property out to cannabis businesses.

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